If you’re here, you probably felt the pain of Facebook constant
interface changes.

We’ll look at how to find your Pixel Code (not Pixel ID!) in only 5 easy steps
within the new interface.

Please note that there’s a possibility that things may have changed by the
time you read this. Just reach out if you need help.

Where In The World Is My Facebook Pixel CODE 😠 !

Your web search probably got you going around for hours for what seemed to be
a simple inquiry. Yet most resources adress how to find the Facebook Pixel ID,
which is not what you want.

Grab your code snippet with these 5 easy steps:

Step 1: Go to Ads Manager

Step 2: Go to Events Manager

From your Business Tools, select Events Manager


Step 3: Add an Event


Step 4: Click on Install Code Manually


Step 5: Copy Your Facebook Pixel Base Code

You can simply now select the green button that says “copy” and your code will be
automatically copied.

Now you can add the code to your Tag Manager or directly to your website.