Intrested in Dubai digital marketing jobs for 2020?

Dubai companies at the start of this year are looking for digital marketers who can deliver on 3 things.

If you want to know what they are immediately just take look at the infographic below. I’ll provide more insights and tips especially for freshers to better grasp the current digital marketing employment landscape in the region.
Note: this information is valid for the beginning of the year.
Stay tuned to see if there’s any changes throughout the year. 

The landscape (for now) did change compared to 2019. Profiles last year seemed more focused on design and technical capabilities (e.g., Photoshop, SEO).

To capture the interest of companies for digital marketing in Dubai, 160 job listings from were extracted and analyzed during the 1st month of January 2020. Skills requirements, job title and salaries were all explored by date relevance.



Trendy Social Media Specialists

Specialization is the way to go. Right now, you’d probably want to master or develop your SMM skills. 

The beginning of 2020 shows that Dubai companies are less interested in digital marketing generalists.
That being said, Dubai’s organizations also want SMM specialists who are up to date with the latest tech trends.
They expect a team player who can provide innovative ideas to the table. Even if you’re not responsible for content marketing strategy, you’ll need to bring creative ideas during those meetings. 

Don’t Tell Me, Show Me!

And the good old ‘years of experience’ drama

The top profiles are those who posses a social media marketing track record. You may be stronger on some media than others but employers require you to have an understanding of the major channels such as Facebook, Twitter etc. 
Although some companies are looking for juniors and freshers but on average, digital marketing jobs in Dubai require a minimum of 2 years of experience. 



Campaign Runners

Organizations prefer SMM specialists who are able to develop strategies to run creative advertising campaign across different channels.  

The Data

To find accurate info, data from 160 job listings and their descriptions were mined, put into a corpus and cleansed. Some keywords like ‘Digital Marketing’, or ‘jobs’ etc. were removed to not skew the data. Using the indeed search engine has limitations. One of them are job advertisements posted more than 30 days ago. However, the 160 jobs have 9 days listing average. So the patterns and most frequently posted requirements by Dubai companies are relevant to the beginning of 2020. 



Ok, so now you know exactly what to do to boost your chances to nail that digital marketing job in Dubai for 2020.
Companies are looking for social media specialists who have a passion to learn, and can bring value to their team to develop innovative content and run creative advertising campaigns. 
So make sure to update and advance your skills to differentiate yourself in the marketplace. Focus your efforts on social media marketing. Master ads. Take online courses and make sure theses courses are relevant to this year, that they provide real-world scenarios and case studies. This way you can put to work the latest trends and practice as you learn. If you lack that 2-5 years job experience don’t be put off! Practice, offer your services to your community. There are plenty of new businesses, friends and colleagues who have goals and dreams that can benefit from your digital marketing skills regardless of your level. This way you’ll build a strong portfolio with real testimonials for social validation.

Good luck to you my friend.  

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