Eric Huguenin July 25, 2019

How to Outsmart the AI Demon (According to This Tech Giant)

SummaryIt was some years back at the World Government Summit in Dubai that the tech mogul Elon Musk dropped the hint about his plan to counter the threat of the Al “Demon”. Although the evil will not be sent back where it came from through rites and incantations, Neuralink’s remedy will instead enhance us by fusing the human brain with artificial intelligence, giving us leverage over the advances of AI.

The program of Neuralink (an American neurotechnology company founded by Elon Musk and 8 other partners) was not a mystery as some online sources have suggested. However, the event launch of this month allowed Elon to officially present the working details of his vision conjointly with experts involved in the project.

Keep in mind that this is a long-term goal. In the meantime, the startup’s short-term goals are no less important than its future end objective.

Indeed, the moral behind these immediate steps will hit home with many, considering its health-related aspects.

At present, the first phase of this process is to bring solutions to individuals with brain damage and various disabilities. Just to mention one example, a wireless connection from the brain to computers (via a chip) will enable paralyzed individuals to control mobile devices.

Improvements in the quality of life will be addressed first before tackling our possible regression in the light of superintelligence.

After solving a bunch of brain-related diseases there is the mitigation of the existential threat of AI.


The company has already gone through an experimental phase of its research on animals and is ready to move on to human trials in 2020.

Despite expectations, Elon emphasized that a fully functional human brain-to-computer interface will not be expected soon because permissions from regulatory authorities take time.

Market Implications


But Elon is not the only player in the game.
A few other businesses are dedicating time to producing comparable technologies.

This launch will certainly stimulate the tight groups of competitors to accelerate production to gain a competitive advantage.

As it is common in many innovating ventures, this scenario will trigger a state of burgeoning advancements.

Some see it as a necessary proactive move to prevent inevitable Al encroachment. This solution is a new approach to deal with the increasing and inequitable Al takeover of the labor market.

Why Debating Disruption ? It’s Already Here

The intention here is not to highlight the dangers of Al. Many disruptive changes, even the ones that serve us the most, brought their share of pain at their inception.

There will be people who will pay the bill and be forgotten down the road for innovations later enjoyed by all.. or some.

Maybe it is too early to evaluate the long term benefits, but diving in without a contingency plan is simply ignorance. What is troublesome with experts though are their absolute stands.

You will often hear top executives and scientists say I believe this won’t happen” or “I don’t see this happen anytime soon“…

These claims may be right, but without research scenarios they do not offer much comfort. Many of the same assured for quite some time that Al would not be a threat to employment… and how did that go?

Oxford Economics reported a possible replacement of 20 million jobs by robots by the end of 2030.

So these promises we were told about job safety with robots around…was wrong.



What About Us Digital Marketers ?

Artificial intelligence has already impacted digital marketing with tools helping marketers to produce laser niche content and more precise data insights. The results: better serviced customers and increased sales. 

In the case of enhanced humans, digital marketers will evolve by adjusting to new tech (as we always do)  to provide value and add a new dimension of customer experience to these “cyborg” segments.

Maybe they’ll have to psychically merge with AI as well…

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